Out of Touch

Music by Jeremy Touzel and Joshy Sunshine (This is the only song we've ever co-written)

In the key of G minor (until the end)

Intro Riff:

Gm Dm Bb Dm Bb Gm (Hold last chord)

Verse (don't play the first Dm on the first verse):

Gm Dm Gm Dm
Gm Dm Intro Riff

Bridge (muted):

F G Bb A Ab Ab
F G Bb C F Gb Gm


Dm Bb A
Bb A F Gb Gm
F C Gm
Bb A Bb F Gb Gm
Then repeat last four chords two times in a row. The second time, the 2nd guitar plays [octaves]: D C Bb Am
Bb A Db Dm