The best live show in South Carolina!

After years of playing in sold-out arenas and stadiums across the world, The Sinators have decided to "keep it real" for all of their fans in SC. No longer will you, the fan, have to travel all the way to London's Wembley Stadium, Toronto's SkyDome, or New York's Madison Square Garden to see your favorite band! Catch them right here in SC!

Also, you will no longer have to sit through 45 minutes of crappy opening acts like The Rolling Stones, Pearl Jam, Metallica, Aerosmith, and countless other bands that have opened for The Sinators in the past.

In addition to performing the brilliant music that has made them popular, The Sinators incorporate a number of mind-blowing stunts into their show. Some examples of these fantastic feats include: guitar solos, fist pumps, blowing hair, rebel yells, jumping and playing a guitar at the same time, playing bass and touching your reproductive organ at the same time, etc...

NOTE: Shows in pink are new shows.

Sinator Shows
Date Venue Other Bands
04 May 2002 New Brookland Tavern Love Apple, Bolt
12 April 2002 New Brookland Tavern Bolt, My Blind Luck, F13, Mandible, Gonzalez (WUSC's Moolah for Music) FREE SHOW!!
22 February 2002 Manifest n/a
31 January 2002 New Brookland Tavern Bolt, Exit 101
04 December 2001 Elbow Room Reverand Horton Heat, Dash Rip Rock
19 October 2001 Elbow Room Against All Authority, H20, Stretch Armstrong
34 October 2001 Wembley Stadium (London, England) The Beatles, The Who, Elvis Presley
06 October 2001 New Brookland Tavern SixTenSplit, The Beatholes, My Blind Luck
29 September 2001 The Lazy I (Myrtle Beach, SC) The Beatholes
15 September 2001 Capri Cinema (Augusta, GA) TBA, Zebo
08 September 2001 Uncle Doctors The Decrepits, Johnny Welfare, The Beatholes
13 July 2001 Uncle Doctors The Eyeliners, Tsunami Bomb, Hurt Reynolds, Panic Attacks
31 June 2001 Madison Square Garden (New York, NY) The Rolling Stones, Pearl Jam
11 June 2001 Elbow Room Brownie Points, The Beatholes
20 May 2001 Memorial Stadium Thorpapalooza
05 May 2001 New Brookland Tavern Love Apple, The Beatholes
?? 2001 New Brookland Tavern SISTERCARE BENEFIT: Blushh, Yellow Light
25 January 2001 New Brookland Tavern Hurt Reynolds, The Frownies, burns.out.bright, Suckerpunch
31 December 2000 Pontaic Silverdome (Detroit, MI) Metallica
22 December 2000 The Lazy I (Myrtle Beach, SC) The Beatholes, The Damaged, Audinaut
?? 2000 Vet's Hall No Motiv, burns.out.bright
?? 2000 Skate Park SKATE PARK BENEFIT: Hurt Reynolds, SixTenSplit, burns.out.bright, Hot Lava Monster
?? 2000 Village Idiot ACOUSTIC CHALLENGE