Band Bio

With a hot and unstable psycho bitch,a high school math teacher, a satanic metalhead, and a metallica redneck, some people have trouble pinning who or what The Sinators sound like. Just to give you a better description of their unique sound, imagine Tori Amos on vocals, Mr. Brett (Bad Religion) and Marty Friedman (Megadeath) on guitars, Jay Bentley(BR) on bass, and Jimmy Chamberlain (Smashing Pumpkins) on drums.

Originally, in October of 1999, the group started out as a pop punk trio with Jeremy Touzel on vocals/guitar, Jeremy's younger brother James on bass, and Ronnie Cleland on drums. However, the group knew that as a pop punk trio, it would be nearly impossible to break new ground, musically speaking. In order to help give them something that would set them apart from other groups, The Sinators added frontwoman Joanna Malcolm, whose Broadway background added a new element to the band, both musically and visually. Joanna brought The Sinators closer to the sound they were searching for, but they still felt incomplete. After months of auditioning for a lead guitarist, The Sinators found 18-year old guitar phenomenon Josh Goering (from industrial metal act, Eustice Xanther).

Finally, The Sinators felt like everything had fallen into place. Joanna's girly showstyle vocals coupled with Josh's metal background and teenage energy complimented the nucleus of Jeremy, James, and Ronnie. When their first CD, Colored, went sextuple platinum, they thought that had it made...

But darkness reigned over The Sinators. They realized that they were all heading in seperate paths, and so the band played their final show on Saturday, May 4th, and were never to be heard from again.