The Strangers

"Mother died today. Or, maybe yesterday; I can't be sure." (Camus 1942)
There was something in the way she used to smile and say,
"This land was made for you and me..."

But she forgot to add that any choice you had depended on your credulity
If you can't blindly believe, then it's you who's been deceived
By the winners who've written history

Mother began so benignly until she spoke blindly against the cause for which she came
But now mother's dead because the one way in her head was founded exclusively

But before she went, she chose the heaven-sent
And she sounded like a martyr as she said,
"'Send me your tired, your poor', just no Jews and no Moors
There isn't any room for them here."

The Strangers are a misled men--they don't drink blood to cleanse their sins
Or believe in immortal, bearded, old white guys... or imaginary places in the sky
Maybe one day we'll see a real revolutionary and notice that Mother's dead.

Lyrics: June 1998
Music: June 1998