Point of View

He wakes from adolescence and the questioning begins
Confused, he sees the world, but not quite how he fits in
"Is it all here for me?," he says, vainly insane
"Or am I just a pawn in someone else's game?"

In the innocence of youth he adopts the perfect plan
And he tries to convince others of the aces in his hand
To his painful disbelief the others deny
The answers in life that he tried so hard to find

The answers, it seems, only complicate our dreams
And what we imagine a perfect life to be,
The answers will destroy the enjoyment you employ-
Questions are the only answers to life.

He feels guilty and wronged, yet he doesn't see the light
It's the human misconception of always being right
Then he comes to a conclusion about humanity:
Perspectives are just our own distortion of reality.

Lyrics: January 1999
Music: January 1999