She cried and cried, but no one could hear her
She lied and lied as she looked in the mirror
Beauty shone out but none was reflected
Because of her self-destructive perspective
The rest were jealous, although she'd never see
Through the thick clouds of her negativity
Minor flaws became gaping imperfections
She fell victim to her critical inspection

Perfect--she'll never be perfect
Perfect--she'll never be perfect
Like you and me

Unhealthy thoughts always filled her mind
Every day she fought to keep them behind, but
Everywhere they stood there, staring at her, judging
From the malls, the movies, and the TV screen
From the shiny, glossy pages of the magazines
It read, P-E-R-F-E-C-T
It was everywhere, all she could see
And it told her that she'd never be...

Perfect-she'll never be perfect
Perfect-she'll never be perfect
Like you and me

Every time she ate, every time she counted
Everywhere the weight of the pressure mounted
Everywhere she went, everyone she saw
Everything was meant for her downfall...

Lyrics: April 2001
Music: December 1997 and April 2001