Hung Jury

At the inception of my life, a deadly serpent cursed me
Now, I'm almost gone; the trial wears on, as the judge tells me tersely
"You're going to have to choose one of these two roads, son"

As I bewilderedly stand with diverging roads before me
I yell out in disgust for someone that won't ignore me
And I ask myself, "What kind of sin are you?"

Are you one that screams, one that rhymes,
Or one that talks all the time?
Are you filled with unremitting energy?

Or is your personality shy and static
Quiet, reserved, uncharismatic?
Which path will lead me to the girls?

So I contemplate and cry
I look around and wonder why
I'm the only one that's still alone

But maybe, maybe that is why
I'm such a lonely guy
Looks like the hung jury hung young Jerry, too.

Lyrics: December 1997
Music: October 1998