Deaf (Sovereign Ears)

Stop everything you're doing, when will you finally see
That you're life is just a schedule with no autonomy?
You're so proud of your efficiency, you hardly realize
That you're oblivious to the music happening right before your eyes

Life's pulse is there, though you're unaware of the beating sound
Now it's too late, you've sealed your fate in the silence that abounds
What'll it take for you to break your meaningless routine?
Don't cognitize other peoples lives in your impersonal machine

You're as subtle as a hammer, as loving as a whore
You're impervious to pain cause you're not living anymore
I can't conceive of you believing there's another way
You're listening with sovereign ears, you're deaf to what I say.

Lyrics: 16.October.2001
Music: 16.October.2001